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The Belongify Mantra.

Belongify puts the ME back in WE in the right kind of way.


Our Purpose.

Create experiences for people to feel a greater sense of belonging so they can thrive in places they chose to live and do their best work.

We believe Belonging is at the very core of thriving, high-performing work cultures. We believe that people fully contribute when they feel and act as they belong. We know that teams excel when leaders are more effective in creating spaces where everyone is more connected, and feel like they can show up and contribute their very best.

Belonging is the result. 

Results become better, even extraordinary.

Belongify is committed to creating teams and workplaces where every team member feels and acts like they really belong. They feel embraced and supported. They are self-accountable, inspired, and encouraged to continuously learn and personally advance. They achieve extraordinary results that really matter to themselves, their teammates, and the organization.

Grant Asseneheimer

grant asseneheimer.

Chief Executive Officer

Grant grew up as farm kid, completed his engineering, traveled the world as a humanitarian worker, and landed as an executive leader.  His drive to find solutions is backed by a deep value of different perspectives and the patience to discover root causes, leading to sustainable, systems-level outcomes.  Grant will graduate in 2023 from the U of A, Executive MBA program.  Grant has had an outstanding career as an engineer, previously working with Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontiers (MSF)  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Chad and serving as a Director on the MSF Canada Board.  As an executive leader, Grant joined the MSF Canada Leadership team, responsible for finance, IT, risk management and the internal operations of this dynamic organization.  Grant also played a key role in developing MSF Canada’s culture, placing in the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Employers in Canada three years in a row. As CEO, he is excited to lead the organization through this next phase of growth and impact organizations across the spectrum.

Lorne Rubis.

Co-Founder, Chairman
Chief Belonging Officer

Throughout his career 40+ year career, Lorne has been in the C-Suite, making positive transformation happen. His career journey has sparked a passion for advancing people, developing great (not perfect) leadership, excellent places to work and extraordinary, highly adaptive cultures.Most recently, Lorne was listed as Top Organizational Culture expert by Top Gurus for 2021 and 2022. He was included on the HRD Global 100 List as one of the world’s leading people leaders. Awarded 2018 Canadian LifeTime Achievement Award for contributions to the Human Resource community and advancing the workplace.  A corporate director at Fortis Alberta,  a celebrated author and instructor at Harvard University, teaches EMBA courses at the U of Alberta on Culture and Strategic HR.

Culture Disruptor

Lorne Rubis

The Board.

Lisa Patrick




Kim Kozachenko



Head of Social Media

Debbie Blakeman


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Our Values.

The focal point for our daily behavior.

We will be the lead example of everything that Belonging offers. First and foremost, it will drive our team to become extraordinary. Everything we offer to our customers will be tried and proven by the Belongify team first. Our very essence is belonging. Every person we add to Belongify must feel welcomed, supported, encouraged and able to do their best. We expect people to bring their authentic and best selves to our team . We also recognize that we will all leave Belongify at some time; perhaps not of our own preference or choosing. We want to achieve a sense of belonging even when leaving. Leaving must be dignified and respectful. We expect people to write their last day on their first day. We predetermine how we want people to feel about us as we leave.

At Belongify self-accountability frames our conversations and actions. We always ask ourselves FIRST what we might do about something if we want it to be different or better. Pointing a finger at someone else or any blame (including self-blame) is wasteful. We move on to finding a way forward ASAP. We own up to our missteps, learn fast, and go! We don’t wait for people to tell us what to do. We get shit done and find a way. No excuses.

We understand that everyone we encounter is there to teach us something. We humbly and literally love all who are part of the Belongify System. We are kind and compassionate with each other. We are hard on process and never on each other. We have honest conversations about expectations of each other and understand that clarity is kindness. However human we are, being mean or showing contempt for each other is unacceptable and not part of the Belongify way. No jerks. When we are not at our best we admit it, apologize, learn, and move on.

We are giving and generous in every way with each other. We celebrate givers and always look to expand resources and outcomes. We are not naive nor will we be taken advantage of. However, we trust first and are committed to being kind in every way. 

Being a part of the Belongify team will feel positively different. You will see us investing in our belief system with each other. We want people to be able to do their best work ever at Belongify and for all of us to thrive.

We believe in Susan Scott’s principle that the conversation is the relationship and vice versa. We will continuously invest in this value so we might talk about the right things at the right time. We recognize the need for crunchy conversations.

We are fearless about thinking big. We always start small to quickly test and experiment. We are action driven. However, because we start small and act fast, we minimize risk. We are committed to learning fast, pivoting, and doing it all over again, moment by moment.

Make and meet commitments. Trust is based on doing what we commit too. We are what we do and how we do it. At Belongify, if you commit, then do it unless you learned something fast to make you pivot. Keep your stakeholders informed why and when you do.

Play and experimenting is how we work at Belongify. Everyday we should be creating, innovating, learning, and unlearning. We hate repeating or perpetuating mistakes and yet we never blame or become defensive. We own up and go forward.

“Always do the right thing” guides our actions. We create value for others. There is enough to accomplish by playing well within the boundaries of decency. We add value to others rather than taking it away.

At Belongify we know people can’t do it alone without help. We ask for what we need and offer what we can. No person is too big to not ask for and offer to help.

Always think with the questions “ how might we?“ and “have we considered?”  in mind. No one wants to work with people who “think no first”. Be fearless about thinking 10X. Fight against sameness or simply trying to be 5 to 10 percent better. Who cares?

Belongify will always be virtual and work will be where we need to be to get our best work done. No results, no job. No results, no Belongify.


Just because it makes living so much richer in every way.

Care for yourself, each other, your work, our customers, and the value that we bring. We only want to be surrounded by people who deeply care about making Belongify’s purpose more true every day.

We believe belonging is at the very core of thriving, high performing work cultures. People fully contribute when they feel and act like they belong. Teams excel when leaders are invested in everyone feeling more connected. When they feel safe enough to show up as themselves and contribute their very best. Results become better, even extraordinary.