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About Us

Belongify brings out the best in ME and WE.

Our Purpose: To create conditions for people to belong and thrive in places they chose to live and do their best work.

We believe belonging is at the very core of thriving, high performing work cultures. People fully contribute when they feel and act like they belong.

Teams excel when leaders are invested in everyone feeling more connected. When they feel safe enough to show up as themselves and contribute their very best.  Results become better, even extraordinary.

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The values that shape everything we do at Belongify

The focal point of our daily behavior.


Our very essence is belonging. Every person we add to Belongify must feel welcomed, supported, encouraged and able to do their best. We expect people to bring their authentic and best selves to our team.


Seeing value in every human and acting accordingly. We understand that everyone we encounter is there to teach us something. We are hard on process and never on each other. We have honest conversations about expectations of each other and understand that clarity is kindness. No jerks. When we are not at our best we admit it, apologize, learn, and move on.


Asking myself what can I do to help first. At Belongify self-accountability frames our conversations and actions. We own up to our missteps, learn fast, and go! We don’t wait for people to tell us what to do. We find a way. No excuses.


Being real, humble, and confident - leading by example. We will always be ourselves and know our colleagues and not waste waste energy trying to be something we are not. We have open and honest conversations. We create a culture where no one ignores the pink elephant in the room. Most importantly, we give permission for others to show up more authentically and as their true selves. 


Being generous in spirit and action in every way with each other. We celebrate givers and always look to expand resources and outcomes. We trust first and are committed to being kind in every way. 


Understanding with care, love, and compassion for each other. We don’t confuse sympathy (I’m sorry) for compassion (I’m with you). We treat each other like family, graciously offering support, challenging our biases and always coming from a place of trust. We genuinely invest in the success of others and put the success of the team ahead of our own.

Meet the leadership.

United by common aspirations and backed by a dedicated board of directors.

Lorne Rubis

Co-Founder | Chief Belonging Officer

Belongify is good for business...

Throughout his 40+ year career, Lorne has been in the C-Suite, making positive transformation happen. His career journey sparked a passion for advancing people, developing great (not perfect) leadership, excellent places to work and extraordinary, highly adaptive cultures. Most recently, Lorne was listed as Top Organizational Culture expert by Top Gurus for 2021 and 2022 and was awarded the 2018 Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Human Resource community and advancing the workplace.  A member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, a mentor at The Unreasonable Group, a celebrated author and lectures on Culture and Strategic HR at Harvard University and the EMBA program at the U of Alberta.

Culture Uncorked

Join co-founders of Belongify Lisa Patrick,  and Lorne Rubis for happy hour. Fun and informative conversations with extraordinary C-Suite Leaders, exploring topics of business, leadership, culture, and belonging while enjoying a favorite glass of wine with their guests. Together they bring two very unique perspectives to the world of business, leadership, and culture.



Build compassion and enhance trust by exploring the power of connection and personal storytelling in creating people-first team cultures. Ask us how to get started.