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We Improve Your Team Culture and Performance by Cultivating a Culture of Belonging.

The Belongify System, five 1-hour facilitated sessions to forge authentic connections, align your team, and empower your leadership.

Trusted by great companies with forward-thinking leaders.

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We provide a streamlined approach to effectively dismantle silos and cultivate a thriving team culture.

Belongify prioritizes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives in ways that really matter.


Creates alignment by cultivating a real sense of Belonging in your team.


Accelerates the performance of hybrid and remote teams to create exceptional value for your organization.


Addresses everyday challenges like constant change, low engagement, and high turnover to make work-life easier and ensure your time is spent on the right objectives.

Why, as a leader, should you care?

Stand Out. Be A Difference Maker. Create More Meaningful Experiences!

You are feeling a little stuck because you are committed to helping your team perform even better and would welcome help moving forward.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that companies with high employee engagement outperform their competitors by 202%.

You are frustrated because you can’t seem to find a way to fully engage and ignite your remote or hybrid team.

A study from BetterUp found that 56 percent of teams increase performance when they have a culture of belonging.

You are overwhelmed because you spend too much time reacting to constant change and managing a stretched and exhausted team.

According to McKinsey, 51% of people who left their jobs in 2022 did so because they were searching for an organization with a better connection / belonging.

You are experiencing a sense of isolation and inadequate support, which leads to feeling like you don't belong.

Research from the Valuegraphics Project surveyed 750,000 people, and out of 56 core human values, Belonging rated #1.

Let Belongify simplify the process!

The Belongify System equips you to improve the performance of your hybrid or remote team by creating a culture of belonging.

  • Five 1-hour virtual sessions for you and up to 10 team members
  • Facilitated by your very own Certified Belongify Coach, who leads each session and supports you throughout this entire experience.
  • Includes coach support, team workbooks and effective tools for each module.


Begin by connecting with your team through personal storytelling. When you know each other's stories you build bridges that foster deeper connections and more meaningful contributions.



Feel safe enough to be fearless. Get results. Embrace clarity. Be tough-minded, yet respectful of each team member and the team unit to challenge freely while you get the work done.



Linking individual and collective work to purpose makes your objectives clearer and results more meaningful. Intentionally go beyond a “job” to create value instead of a flurry of activity. You become simply more effective.



Sameness is limiting. You and your team become extraordinary difference makers. Celebrate the uniqueness of each individual to create a team that is remarkable and even extraordinary.



Better teams learn fast, improve relentlessly and hold each other accountable. Your team will continuously improve with better outcomes. Simply put, you'll get the job done.

We offer flexible solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

Whether we facilitate for you or you lead the Belongify system on your own, we have solutions that can work for you. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Belongify CONNECT

The first step towards a Culture of Belonging.
  • 1 Hour Virtual Connect Session
  • Up to 12 Team Members
  • Facilitated by A Certified Belongify Coach
  • Connect Cards
Get Started

COACH Facilitated

You lead, we facilitate.
  • Five x 1-Hour Virtual Sessions
  • Up to 12 Team Members
  • Faciliated by A Certified Belongify Coach
  • Connect Cards
  • Leaders Guide
  • Team Workbook
  • Additional Resources
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CBO Facilitated

You lead, Lorne Rubis facilitates.
VIrtual or In-person
  • Flexible Delivery Modes
  • Up to 12 Team Members
  • Led by Belongify's Chief Belonging Officer
  • Connect Cards
  • Leaders Guide
  • Team Workbook
  • Additional resources
  • Bespoke Content

Frequently asked questions

We believe belonging is at the very core of thriving, high performing work cultures. We'd love to help.

Very simply follow these three steps:

  1. Connect with us to get a quote. – CLICK HERE NOW.
  2. Have an onboarding call with Your Belongify Coach. 
  3. Schedule your impact sessions.

The Belongify System is applicable to every team’s situation. How you apply it and engage with it is unique to you and your team.  That is what your Belongify Coach is there for and what makes the Belongify System so effective.

Every Belongify Coach is fully certified and has extensive experience in group facilitation. You can choose your coach from our roster, or one will be thoughtfully assigned to take great care of you and your team.

Yes. The Belongify System is specifically designed for hybrid and remote teams. All of our sessions are facilitated live and can be done in-person or virtually, regardless of where you live and subject to travel costs.

You can expect to see noticeable results in how your team works together at the end of each session and beyond. 

The Belongify System works for teams of 4 to a maximum of 12 participants. The optimal size is 8 to 10. Keep in mind that larger teams can be split into groups for a shared experience.



Build compassion and enhance trust by exploring the power of connection and personal storytelling in creating people-first team cultures. Ask us how to get started.