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Create alignment and transform performance for leaders and teams where it matters most – belonging. 

Get Certified at Home, Facilitate from Anywhere.

Backed by experience and behavioral science, we equip leaders to improve team performance by creating a culture of Belonging
  • Are you an experienced executive coach or independent consultant who realizes that to truly support your clients, you must help them address team cohesion, alignment and performance issues? 
  • Do you find that the typical personality assessments, training sessions and team-building exercises are practical but don’t get to the heart of the issues?
  • Are you worried that investing in another tool will lock you into a system that works for “them,” but won’t give you the return on investment you need to be successful?

We Can Help You if You Are:


An Established Coach / Consultant

You have an existing clientele and want to enhance your value by activating the Belongify System to advance teams.


Responsible for Leadership Development

Designed to give your leaders the essential skills, and structured process they need to accelerate development and bring out the best in people.


A Full Suite Coaching Agency

Certify your entire coaching agency to generate more revenue and add value through a customized training and support program.

Why Belongify Certification?

Our certification better equips you to create safe places for leaders and their teams to be open and support each other...To create Cultures of Belonging.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Belongify equips busy consultants/coaches with a short yet meaningful program that helps their clients and grows their business. Delivered online, anytime, from anywhere.

Training and Ongoing Support

We continually update our tools and materials, providing ongoing support and engaging content so you can provide your clients with a modern and high-quality product.

Expand Your Toolkit

As an off-the-shelf team coaching system, Belongify will immediately increase your product offerings and your value in the marketplace.

Ask us how to Become a Certified Coach!

We offer certified training through out the year. Contact us to learn more.

Your Certification

As a Belongify Coach, you get a powerful off-the-shelf team experience that seamlessly integrates into your practice and brings incredible value to your clients. 

Delivered remotely and through a 100% free-use license, the Belongify System is also a lead-generation tool that immediately increases your revenue potential, all from the comfort of your home.

$1995 USD for the certification
+ annual membership fee of $500/year (or $50/month).

Our 7-hour live online certification program includes:

The Certification Process.

Online. Cost-Effective. Value-Driven.

Note: Only when you pass the Capstone interview will you become Certified. 

Coaches stay connected with our Community!

At Belongify, we are committed to maintaining continuous communication, nurturing ongoing assistance, and working with our growing community to improve our product.

Meet our Belongify Coaches - Click Here!

We are proud of our Certified Belongify Coaches. They are our ambassadors, implementing partners and co-creators. Whether you are looking for a coach for you and your team or wondering if you might be an ideal candidate for our next certification, please check out our Belongify Coach Directory! 

Approved at ICF for 7 CORE CCE credits.

The International Coaching Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to professional coaching. ICF is an accrediting and credentialing body for both training programs and coaches.

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Build compassion and enhance trust by exploring the power of connection and personal storytelling in creating people-first team cultures. Ask us how to get started.