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Belongify Coach.

Transform performance and growth
for leaders, teams, and organizations where it matters most – belonging. 

Get certified from home, facilitate from anywhere.

Belongify Is Designed For Human Connection.

This 7 hour online certification will Help YOU as a coach or consultant create a safe place for individuals to be open and support each Other no Matter who they are Or where they Work.

Our mantra put the ‘me’ back in ‘we’ in the right kind of way supports our human-to-human approach.

Backed by experience and behavioral science, the Belongify system enables coaches to support leaders who are looking to go beyond diversity and inclusion and be on the cutting edge of a people-first culture, where entire organizations thrive and perform at their very best.

We Can Help You if You Are A:

Established Coach /Consultant

You have an existing clientele and want to enhance your value by activating the Belongify System to advance teams.

Organization's Internal Leader

Designed to give your leaders the mindset, essential skills, and structured process they need to accelerate development and bring out the best in people.

A Full Suite Coaching Agency or Franchise

Certify your entire coaching agency or franchisee to generate more revenue and add value. We can customize training for you.

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How to Become
A Belongify Certified Coach.

Note: Only when you pass the Capstone interview will you become Certified. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

Belongify equips busy consultants/coaches with a short, meaningful program they can use to help their clients and make more money. Delivered online anytime from anywhere.

Get Training & Ongoing Support

The Belongify System helps companies' teams be more productive. Becoming a Belongify Certified Coach ensures you’ll deliver a greater sense of belonging and clarity of purpose with your organization, whether a team is remote or hybrid.

Grow Your Coaching Consultant Business

Scale you're consulting or add Belongify Certified Coaching certification to your repertoire of deliverables. Either way, Belongify will increase your value in the marketplace.

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What you Get With Certification.

Belongify Coaches get step-by-step advice, time-tested principles, and practical exercises plus downloadable tools and nudges to help you get teams working together and producing results.

Get Certified.

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$995/each ONE TIME OFFER!
Pioneer Coach Pricing for LIVE training. 

February 24, 2022

Online via zoom, led by Chief Belonging Officer, Lorne Rubis.
Pioneer Price $995 - AFTER EVENT $1795

Frequently Asked Questions.

You love connecting with amazing teams to enhance their ability to perform and contribute.

You love having fun at work and energize those around you.

You live and breathe the values of belonging, integrity, and fun.

You are excited to amplify the impact of belonging.

Potential candidates will be required to complete a digital submission including:

1. Evidence to support a proven track record of facilitation, pedagogy and coaching.

2. Information supporting your personal alignment to the mandate and values of Belongify.

3. A short video submission demonstrating your technology presence for coaching in the virtual environment, and a verbal overview of why you would be an effective coach for the Belongify system. 

Successful candidates will be contacted by the Coaching certification division regarding your application approval.  

Belongify Coach Certification training is ongoing through 2021 - 2022.

Successful applicants will be contacted immediately following approval with information regarding their training schedule.

The training will take place over Zoom

At the completion of the certification training, you will receive a Belongify Certified Coach (BCC) Certification from us, complete with a digital badge and a PDF printable Certificate to proudly display and share. 

You will be invited to participate in recertification and continuous coach education to maintain your certification. 

Yes!  As a Belongify Certified Coach, you will be invited to stay connected to our team through a variety of channels including the continuous coach education processes, events, online learning opportunities, and more.

The 'Pioneer' Certification Coach program is a limited lifetime offer to our first 30 coaches. It's a one-time certification fee of $995.

After you have been approved as Belongify Certified Coach, you can make money two ways offering to facilitate the Belongify System with a team (s).

1. You can offer unlimited facilitation to as many teams as you want. We provide you with a marketing package that you can promote to your clients and a suggested retail price.

For every contract approved, we will bill you for 30% of the approved contract.


2. We pay you a minimum $1250 USD* per team to facilitate the Belongify System on our behalf to our clients.

*price paid is dependent on the retail cost per team.

Any organization or division within an organization that is considering certifying people internally as Belongify Certified Coaches and facilitating the Belongify System to their entire division or organization-wide.

To be considered a Belongify Certified organization, you must have certified a minimum of 70% of your entire organization through the Belongify System.

This year, Lorne was #18 Guru for Organizational Culture, at Global Gurus, in  2020, Lorne was included on the HRD Global 100 List. He was awarded the 2018 Canadian LifeTime Achievement Award for contributions to the Human Resource community and advancing the workplace. It is awarded annually by the Ivey Academy, The Ivey School of Business, and HRD Magazine.

Lorne teaches EMBA courses at the U of Alberta on Culture and Strategic HR. He began teaching his Culture course at Harvard in December 2019 and since then has had several sessions and continues to teach today.

He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, a Director on the Board of FortisAlberta Inc., a member of Covenant Health’s Innovation Committee and a mentor at The Unreasonable Group.

Lorne joined ATB Financial, as Chief People Officer in 2012, with the mandate to make ATB “The Place to Work.” During his 4 plus years in that role, working closely with the enterprise leadership team, ATB became widely recognized as one of the top companies to work for in North America. Lorne then became ATB’s first Chief Evangelist in 2017. In this role Lorne led the company-wide transition to Google's G Suite, moving the entire company onto a transformative collaboration and communication platform that resulted in a renaissance of how people work. Lorne retired from ATB in August 2018.

Your License Options.

Whether you are looking to just deliver the Belongify System and earn some extra revenue, you already have a book of business or you are looking to get your entire organization Belongified, we have an ongoing licensing option for you as a Belongify Certified Coach.


$ 100
Per Month
  • $1795 USD / certification*
  • Coach Directory Listing
  • Referrals Direct from Belongify Only
  • Earn $1250 USD+ /team
  • 30 day cancellation
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24x7 Access to Coaching Materials


$ 0
  • $1795 USD / certification*
  • 30% Commissions
  • Unlimited # of Teams
  • Monthly Renewal - License
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24x7 Access to Coaching Materials


$ 500
Per Month
  • $1795 USD / certification*
  • Coach Directory Listing
  • No commissions
  • Unlimited # of Teams
  • Monthly Renewal - License
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24x7 Access to Coaching Materials


  • $1795 USD / certification*
  • Unlimited # of Teams
  • Yearly Renewal - License
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24x7 Access to Coaching Materials
Belongify Certified