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Meet our Belongify Certified Coaches

Learn more about who they are why they are second to none!

Barbara Reppert


Barbara Reppert.

Belongify Certified Coach

Executive Impact  | Alberta, Canada. 
Other Services: Executive and Leadership Coaching, Strategy Development, Planning and Execution.

BELONGING MATTERS BECAUSE? Belonging means that we have the freedom to express our authentic unique selves. Free to risk failure in our experimentation of what we are capable of as we show up and perform.

Charleen Pomerleau.

Belongify Certified Coach

NimblShift  | Alberta, Canada. 
Other Services: Organizational Effectiveness, Total Rewards, Leadership Development, Change Management.

BELONGING MATTERS BECAUSE? There is no greater feeling than when you can show up as your authentic self and be seen and heard and have your unique gifts recognized and celebrated.  Belonging makes the world a better place to be and work.

Charleen Pomerleau


Lisa Gareau

Lisa Gareau.

Belongify Certified Coach

Candy Event Consulting |  Alberta, Canada
Other Services: Speaking engagements, strategy sessions, team training, and supportive coaching.

BELONGING MATTERS BECAUSE? When a team feels connected within a “culture of belonging” they feel accepted and look to care more deeply about others, they feel included and start thinking more creatively through problems, and when they feel supported in their work, they will execute with more confidence!

Maureen Ennis.

Belongify Certified Coach

Thrive Digital Era |  New Jersey, USA 
Other Services: Big Impact Teams, Change Leadership & Transformation, and Assessments & Insights.

BELONGING MATTERS BECAUSE? Belonging helps teams achieve a big impact so that their organizations thrive.

Maureen Ennis

Shelley Ralston


Shelley Ralston.

Belongify Certified Coach

Principal, LRI Consulting Services  |  Alberta, Canada 
Other Services: People & Culture, Fractional Executive, Strategy & Business Development.


Unlocking human potential through creating a culture of belonging is one of the most impactful ways for organizations to create competitive advantage and manage complex change.  Creating the conditions for everyone to thrive AND belong enables us to call everyone in to a shared vision of the best version of each of us and all of us, collectively for our organizations and for our society. 

Cherie Sawaryn.

Belongify Certified Coach

BeeKind Hive  |  Alberta, Canada 
Other Services: 1 to 1 Coaching, Workshops for Communication and Teamwork.

BELONGING MATTERS BECAUSE? Belonging matters because it fulfills a fundamental need for social connection and support, which is deeply ingrained in human nature. When individuals feel a sense of belonging, they experience a heightened sense of security and acceptance, enabling them to fully invest themselves in the purposeful work they undertake. As a result, belonging transforms workplaces and teams into thriving communities where collaboration, creativity, and productivity flourish, creating a positive and supportive environment for everyone involved. 

Cherie Sawaryn



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