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Case Study.

The Hero.

ATB Financial puts people first. They’ve been doing it for more than 80 years. In that time, they’ve grown and changed from one small treasury branch to become the largest Alberta-based financial institution, with assets of more than $55.1 billion.

Today, more than 5,000 team members serve over 773,000 customers in 245 Alberta communities.  In 2020, ATB was recognized by Great Place to Work® Canada as being the #1 place to work in Canada, as well as making the Best Workplaces for Inclusion and Best Workplaces for Women.

The ATB Quest.

How does the #1 place to work in Canada, discover new ways to continually evolve and improve upon their culture, add to inclusion through belonging, and create more clarity for even better results?

Discover how the Belongify System helped two key ATB Financial leadership teams improve upon their already outstanding results through experimenting with Belongify.


ATB is committed to getting customer-driven results. Advancing culture. leadership, and teamwork are core ATB strategies for sustainable success.
ATB continuously innovates and experiments to find more effective solutions for achieving extraordinary results at both the individual and team level.
The company relentlessly adds to a workplace culture that challenges and evolves.

The Belongify System is the difference-making platform ATB wanted to explore. Two ATB teams volunteered to experiment and pilot: the Internal Assurance team headed by the Internal Auditor Omar Rehman and a People and Culture Team led by Senior Vice President Craig Hampson. 

Through 2020, Belongify led these ATB teams through the Belongify system. Each team participated in 5×1 hour virtual sessions, over a 3 to 4 month period to create more meaningful personal connections, a greater application of psychological safety, and collective clarity on purpose and difference-making.

Could advancing belonging, through the Belongify System both advance
the ATB culture and achieve even better results? 

The following are comments from the team leaders. 

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Belongify helped our team build psychological safety and ultimately team effectiveness. Where people can show up, feel safe to contribute, do their best work, and authentically be themselves,

Overall both teams felt the Belongify System was an efficient, engaging, energy-producing, and even fun way of driving results. 



Build compassion and enhance trust by exploring the power of connection and personal storytelling in creating people-first team cultures. Ask us how to get started.