Do Organizations need a big infrastructure investment ?

In the west, particularly in the U.S., there is a massive need for infrastructure investment.

There is bilateral political agreement on the necessity for classic overhaul; bridges, roads, airports, etc. Recently, a 9-1-1 call by a bridge inspector closed the I-40 bridge between Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas.

No bridge means no connection between thousands of people daily.

We at Belongify believe organizations need to invest in overhauling their metaphorical bridges, too.

John Powell is the Director of the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley. He is also an articulate advocate for bridging.

Bridging is the simple act of just seeing each other for who and what we are, without rendering judgment or trying to change anyone’s perspective.

There is huge power in the intentional act of bridging, and listening to the personal story of each other. This is also an important step in creating conditions for belonging. 

Powell cites a recent study that 70 percent of Americans feel they don’t belong.

That’s a lot of people feeling disconnected.

“...and yet, belonging is one of the highest values I can think of, feeling like we are part of the collective ‘we,’ that our existence matters, that we are connected and in a reciprocal relationship with others and with life."

John Powell

Please consider a serious infrastructure investment in your team and organization. If you want to bust silos, increase innovation, and contribute throughout the organization, you likely need better bridges.

That’s why at Belongify, our “Connect” module is always the beginning.

We drill on the principle of “connect before content.” Bridging does not happen without intentionally making the effort. That’s what you can do! The ROI results in more meaningful belonging, inclusion, diversity, better leadership, AND as a bonus, MORE productivity and higher performance.

Everybody wins!

Put the ‘me’ back in ‘we’ in the right kind of way and create greater conditions for belonging, 
The Team at Belongify!


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