Feeling Safe To Challenge The Status Quo.

Do you feel like you can respectfully challenge the people you work with on almost anything? And do the people that work around you feel that they can challenge you? This is about the right way to challenge. 

When you reflect on your career and your time with people that you love to work with and people that love working with you, like us, do you like the idea of belonging? Love the idea that you’re in a place where you can really learn. A place like us, where you love to spend more time. You can take away all that waste that goes with blame and being defensive. Bring your full self and contribute. 

Lorne, our Chief Belonging Officer has been reflecting on the fact that he gets so much joy from the liberation and freedom that comes from being able to challenge others and asking others to challenge him. 

Dr. Timothy Clark from Leaderfactor has written about the 4 key stages of psychological safety and how key it is too high performance. He talks about the importance of Challenger Safety, feeling safe to challenge the status quo, and I can really resonate with that. 

Look, when you’ve got good people around you that can bring their best thinking, and that sometimes means that it is different than yours.

How great is that? We know that when people can help us think about things differently when they challenge the assumptions we have, that we are the biggest benefactors., It will also impact the greater good of what we’re trying to accomplish because it’ll help change your perspective. There’s so much goodness that comes out of investing in creating conditions for psychological safety.

The one thing often we don’t give enough attention to is this wonderful environment that we get as part of bringing our true authentic self. Part of the permission we’re given, is to freely, thoughtfully, respectfully challenge. It is a liberation of the finest kind. 

In order to really consider our real authentic self as a gift to others, is only when, we can get out of our own head, and not succumb to the power to protect our own image, position, and credibility. It’s a tough foe to overcome and make ourselves vulnerable.  However the more you open up with your team, well the more ‘human’ you become and the easier it is to create real lasting connections.  

We’d like to challenge you to think about small nudges you can put in place to keep working on creating conditions for people to have this space rather than challenge you. To create conditions for belonging for psychological safety.

Our formula, (Connect, Contribute, Clarify) + Differentiation X Execution = Belonging [C3 + D x E = belonging]  is based on experience and science, and it works. We’re investing in it because it just gets great results. 

The formula gets results for everybody, and it advances people. How great is that? Be part of that and come hang out with us. 

Think remote, start small, act now (remotely), 
Lorne Rubis


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