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Meet Hilton Barbour

Personal Mantra: Question Everything. As a strategic planner, Hilton has found that ethos to be incredibly powerful when looking for a unique insight or developing a compelling brand proposition. 

How to effectively tell your stories when you are an unapologetic leader who is people-first focused and dedicated to creating a greater sense of belonging with your team and stakeholders.

“I am concerned when unapologetic leadership or radical candor are used as a get out of jail free card for leaders who don’t change… ” 0:08:40 – Hilton Barbour

About Hilton:

Operating at the intersection of Strategy, Culture and Purpose, Hilton has had a passion for creating winning brands. He does this by helping businesses become better communicators with employees and customers, more effective at creating extraordinary customer experiences and more adept at handling change.

Hiton is considered a Marketing Provocateur.

Vice President of marketing at Kognitiv, Kognitiv is ushering in the next era of business – collaborative commerce.



Build compassion and enhance trust by exploring the power of connection and personal storytelling in creating people-first team cultures. Ask us how to get started.