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Meet Patrick Sells

Patrick, former Chief Innovation Officer at Quontic Bank, now Head of Bank Solutions at NYDIG, joins Lisa and Lorne to discuss the power of words, how they matter in creating extraordinary cultures where people feel like they belong.

Why cannibalize yourself in the best interest of your customer…

“Having an authentic culture, it’s not just the words you put on a picture on the wall, it’s the things you do, it’s how you talk, it’s how you lead. That’s how you make a culture authentic.” 0:03:18 – Patrick Sells

About Patrick:

Patrick, an award-winning entrepreneur recognized for digital innovation in banking, is on a mission to transform financial services through the fusion of Bitcoin and banking.

A deeply held belief of Patrick’s is that the two should be symbiotic in order to create maximum financial security for all.

2020, Patrick was recognized as American Banker’s “Digital Banker of the Year” and one of Independent Community Bankers of America’s “40 under 40 Emerging Community Bank Leaders.” In addition, he is active in the not-for-profit space helping lead and advise several organizations. He has served on the board at United Way Indianapolis, Boy Scouts of America Crossroads Council, Generosity New York, the Sagamore Institute, was the co-chairman of the Governor’s Luncheon for Scouting in Indianapolis, and he helped start and build the Super Service Challenge into a national program that raised and gave away over $30M.




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