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Joan Hertz Chairman ATB Financial Culture Uncorked Podcast

Meet Joan Hertz

Chair of Alberta Treasury Branch, ATB Financial, and Chair of Edmonton International Airport, EIA, Joan joins Lisa and Lorne to discuss topics about culture, belonging, and everything in between.

Board compliance and interactions with the management team… 

“Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is always the best experience to make you stronger in your role.” 0:04:02 – Joan Hertz

Who is Joan Hertz QC., ICD.D:
Joan believes that each of us has the potential to make a great impact. That there is a higher purpose.

How does Joan help:
Joan is an innovator. Recognized as a valuable leader and board director, who happens to be a corporate commercial lawyer and strategic consultant.

She has served on Alberta’s Promise and was formerly with the Kids Kottage Foundation and Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries boards, as well as with numerous other Crown and community boards.

Current Directorships:
Edmonton International Airport
Covenant Health
CPA Canada Board
Silvacom Holdings Corp
Past directorships
Judicial Council:
Edmonton Police Foundation
Kids Kottage Foundation
Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta
CPA Alberta Joint Venture
Alberta’s Promise



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